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About the Product

Online Replica Watch Store Swiss ETA 2824-2
One of the more common automatic ETA movements. Commonly found in replicas requiring a standard dial and date wheel. Beats at 28,000 BPH (beats per hour)  A Chinese made clone of this movement is now available, featuring the same specifications but produced locally here in China.  This movement is no more or less reliable than any other ETA movement.  

Online Replica Watch StoreETA 2836-2
Similar to the 2824-2, but this one allows for day/date function.  25 jewels, 28,800BPH.  The 2836 is a commonly used movement is many no-complicated replicas.  Due to a shortage of original ETA movements from the SWATCH company, the price of authentic Swiss made ETA movements has increased.  As a result, a cheaper locally made clone of this movement has now become available as an alternative for customers who do not wish to spend the extra money for a Swiss made ETA movement.

Online Replica Watch StoreETA 2892-2
A thinner movement similar to the 2824-2. This model is also capable of 28,800bph.  This movement is typically nickel plated and is more expensive than the 2824 or 2836, however it is not “better” or “more reliable”.  Originally it was a 28mm wide movement, but ETA reduced the size to around 25mm to make it compatible with a larger range of watches.  It is physically smaller than a 2824 or 2836 movement, which contributes to the increase in price.  It is capable of using a date wheel.

Online Replica Watch StoreAsian ETA 2824/2836
It is important to note that physically and design-wise, the ASIAN ETA 2824-2 is identical to the original Swiss made ETA 2824-2 movement.  That is to say that the “Asian” ETA movements, all of which are produced in China, are direct copies of the original Swiss movements.  That being the case, these movements do not go through the same rigorous quality control tests that would be conducted at a Swiss factory.  Regardless of that, the “Asian” ETA movements provide a cheaper alternative for customers who wish to spend less money on a watch with the same external appearance.  

Whenever you see a watch advertised as being available with either “Swiss ETA” or “Asian ETA” movement, it means that this watch comes from the same factory, however the producer offers the choice of installing a more expensive Swiss made ETA movement, or a cheaper locally made clone, or “Asian ETA” movement.  The external case, dial, hands, crystal, band etc will be IDENTICAL between the two choices.  Only the movement will be different.  When asked the different between an Asian ETA 2836 and a Swiss ETA 2836, the answer will be “One is made in China, the other is made in Switzerland”.  In both cases, the other watch components will all come from the same place in China.  There is no external quality different between an “Asian ETA” and “Swiss ETA” watch shown on our site.

Online Replica Watch StoreAsian 21 Jewel Movements
This is one of the most common automatic movements used among cheaper watches. There are many versions of this movement. Most have proven to be reliable and affordable alternatives to the more expensive ETA and Asian ETA movements.  The Asian 21 Jewel movement is almost always Chinese in origin, and it is a work horse movement.  Extremely reliable, for long periods of time, this simple movement typically just has one set of hands and sometimes a date wheel.  The simplicity of the movement itself makes it very reliable despite it’s lower price.

Online Replica Watch StoreAsian 7750/7753
The Asian 7750 movement is a Chinese made partial copy of the Swiss ETA Valjoux 7750.  It is an automatic chronograph movement capable of running up to three sub-dials and a date wheel.  The sub-dials can be in the 3,6,9 positions on the dial, or the 6,9,12 positions.  It has a functional stop watch feature as will as independently running sub-dials which in most cases function exactly as the original authentic watch would.  The 7753 has a pusher allowing the date to be changed via depressing the pusher, while the date on the 7750 models needs to be adjusted via the crown.  The Asian 7750 has improved drastically over time. 

Several years ago, the older 21,600BPH versions of the Asian 7750 were literally hit and miss.  These days the movement has been improved to the point where many non-chronograph watches still use it.  In general, it is a reliable movement when treated properly.  If you drop your watch on a hard floor surface, the 7750 is more prone to damage than a non-chronograph movement would be.  For 7750 versions, it is necessary that you not change the date when the watch time is displayed between 10 and 2, as this will damage the keyless works in the movement.  Please adjust the time out of that range before changing the date.  This movement is generally operated by weighted rotor that “charges” the watch as you wear it.  The top pusher generally stops and starts the sub-dials and main seconds hand.  The bottom pusher generally resets them. 

Online Replica Watch StoreSwiss 7750/7753
You’ll notice that on our site, VERY FEW watches are shown to have this movement. You’ll notice that on other sites, many watches are claimed to contain this movement. In reality, VERY FEW replicas use this movement because it’s EXPENSIVE. Furthermore, the limited supply of the Swiss made 7750 lends it poorly to mass produced replicas. Many sellers lie and claim that their watches have these movements in order to persuade more gullible customers into parting with their money.

The Swiss made Valjoux 7750 has a date wheel that is less shallow than the Asian 7750. This means that if you were to try to install a Swiss valjoux 7750 directly into a watch that is designed for an Asian 7750, it would not fit. This is why you see very few actual replicas using this movement. The dial and other components must be specially modified to accept a Swiss 7750. This movement is offered only in watches that have a history of being high-demand items, where customers are willing to pay several hundred more dollars for the Swiss 7750. In reality, the cost/value for installing a Swiss 7750 into a replica watch and then paying $900 for it is debatable. Replica watches after all have little to no resale value, and for the cost of a
REAL Swiss 7750 installed in your watch, you could often times buy two or three Asian 7750 watches.

Online Replica Watch Store6497 Hand Wind Movements
The 6497 movement is used in larger hand-wind watches such as Panerai, IWC FA Jones, Omega Railmaster and other large replica watches.  There are both "Asian" and "Swiss" 6497 movements available at differing prices.  The average difference is about $100.  A simple rule to always follow; wind the watch until it stops and you can't wind it anymore. Until and unless you have reached the full stop and can't wind anymore, you have not fully wound the watch.  The Asian 6497 models may be slightly more sensitive to harsh over-winding, where the user fully winds the watch, and then, despite the resistance, continues to attempt to wind it and eventually breaks something.

This movement beats at 18,000 BPH.  Power reserve is 46 hours.  This movement has been around in one form or another for over 70 years, and was used in vintage pocket watches.  After shipping these movements out for quite some time, it has been our experience that watches based on these movements are very seldom damaged during shipping. Also refered to on our site as "Basic 6497" and "Upgraded 6497".  The "Upgraded" version usually refers to a 6497 that has a swan's neck regulator and other minor upgrades.

Online Replica Watch Store The Venus 175 Movement
Chronometer movement, manual wind. Good movement, well designed and built, does suffer from jerky seconds hand once in a while. Not bad as delivered, clean, oiled so and so. 21,600 BPH.  Typically seen in Omega Moon watches, Roger Dubuis, some discontinued Panerai models, and other assorted brands.  It has been our experience that these movements are extremely reliable.  We have never had one of these movements damaged during shipping.

Online Replica Watch Store What is BPH?

     BPH is the number of beats per hour.  A watch with a 28,800 BPH ticks and tocks 28,800 times per hour, meaning the balance wheel makes this number of swings clockwise and counter-clockwise every hour. Each swing is a "Tic" (or Toc) and the number per hour, divided by 60 minutes, and 60 seconds, will tell you how smooth the seconds hand runs. In this instance, you have 8 "Ticks/Tocks" per second, and the hand will appear to "Sweep" across the dial, this is the smoothest you can get. Other common BPH are 21,600 (7750, Venus 175) 6 ticks per second, and 18,000 BPH (ETA 6497-1 manual wind PAM models), 2.5 ticks per second.  This is why older 7750 movements do not sweep as smoothly as ETA movements or newer 7750 movements.  This is also why watches that use the 6497 movement typically do not have seconds hands in the center, but usually as a smaller sub-dial instead.

Online Replica Watch Store What About Water Resistance?

A watch which is indicated on our site as water resistant is designed to withstand accidental splashes of water only. Do not submerge such a watch. Higher levels of water resistance are possible, please email us regarding specific models.  There are a variety of ways to make a watch water resistant. All such watches use rubber gaskets or "O" rings to seal the case back and crown tube. A watch with a back that screws onto the case provides a higher degree of water resistance. Some crowns (the "winding stem") actually screw into the case to further increase water resistance.  Please note that we do not recommend swimming or diving with your watch unless it has a screw-down crown (also known as 'screw-lock' or 'screw-in' crown) and is water-resistant to at least 100 meters.



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