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Let us take some time to discuss feedback and reviews, and what causes most customers to have good experiences while a few customers have bad experiences.

We are one of the very few sellers who do not solicit or publish reviews of our watches or service outside of this website.  We do not pay professional reviewers, and we do not offer discounts to people in exchange for positive reviews copied and pasted all over the internet.  Likewise, we do not cave in to threats when it comes to unreasonable negative reviews. 

To date, we have completed transactions with over 70,000 individual customers from every continent.  We have found that 99% of these customers, many of whom return for future orders, have had good experiences.  Many long time customers have asked us if we would like them to write a review in support of our business.  We refrain from posting so-called "reviews" or "feedback" on the site as in most cases, sites that do so are not credible.  After all, would you believe a site that posted it's own positive reviews?

Why do some customers have bad experiences?

So then, why do some customers have bad experiences?  As you probably know, customers who perceive a bad experience will go out of their way to post slander and all manner of exaggerations on the internet to support their position, when they could instead expend their energy trying to resolve the issue in a constructive way.  Out of over 70,000 unique customers, perhaps around 20 customers have claimed to have had a bad experience purchasing from our site.  This equates to around 0.03% of all customers.  There may of course be other customers who have somehow had a bad experience but have never bothered to email us for assistance.

Regardless, this 0.03% of customers can and do expend great amounts of time posting negative reviews on every forum and website they can, in hopes of tarnishing our reputation.  Unlike other sellers, we do not micromanage customer reviews, and we do not join message boards to defend against such reviews, nor do we submit to threats from customers who wish to extort money or free items in exchange for not posting negative reviews.

Overwhelmingly the primary reason that a small group of vocal customers have had bad experiences is that they refuse to follow basic policy and procedure.  For example, several customers who are now listed in the fraud section of this website have attempted to defraud us, and all of them have failed.  One recent and typical example would be a customer who received a watch, and then emailed us to claim that the watch was not working.  No problem, we offered him an exchange or a full refund.  He didn't want it.  Instead he claimed that he took his watch to a professional repair shop, and they repaired it for a cost of $175 USD.  He then said that if we did not pay him $175 right away, he would proceed to post negative reviews about us, and file a dispute with his bank.  We never authorized him to take his brand new watch to an unknown third party for so-called repair, and in fact he never even submitted a receipt from the so-called repair shop.  In short, he was likely just trying to extort money from us.  He then filed a fraudulent dispute with his bank, which we overturned immediately (we have a 100% success rate with overturning bank disputes).  Now he spends his free time copy-pasting negative reviews online.

If said customer had returned the so-called faulty watch to us, we would have credited him for return shipping and exchanged the watch, as is policy with nearly every seller, in every business on the internet.  But the customer did not wish to follow the policy, and wished to dictate his own policy to us, which is a major reason that customers have bad experiences; they believe that they can suddenly negotiate policies and receive refunds and credits without returning any merchandise.  No business, online or offline, is going to give you a refund without you first returning merchandise.  Period.  Full stop.  To think otherwise starts you down the road towards a bad experience which you yourself have created.  A fairly common issue is customers refusing to return faulty merchandise.  No merchant will ever send out a replacement product without first receiving a return.  We are not unique in this standard, global business practice.

The other primary reason that customers may perceive a bad experience is that they have failed to do research into the product itself, and have set expectations above and beyond what is advertised or what is reasonable.  For example, customers have purchased models like the Rolex Daytona, and then sent outraged emails and reviews online that we sent them a watch with chrono pushers that do not work.  However, if one reads the advertisement and educates themselves about the product, one would know that the Daytona has locking pushers, which one must first unscrew in order to operate.  Simple things like this can lead to perceived bad experiences. 

Another example would be when customers do not pay attention to the checkout process, and end up ordering the wrong product.  They then receive the product, and claim that we have sent them the wrong model.  So we go back through the emails, and order invoice, and the quality control pictures, and we realize that what really happened was that the customer simply wasn't paying attention, and ordered a model similar to the one they were looking at, but not exactly the same.  Be aware that many watches look similar, but have minor differences such as the color of the hour indications, or dial text. 

How do you handle actual faulty merchandise?

Firstly, we can sympathize with customers who receive faulty watches.  We test and photograph every order prior to shipment.  Rest assured that when a product leaves our location, it is in working order.  This however does not mean that every product arrives to the customer in the same condition.  Whether due to harsh shipping conditions or simple bad luck, inevitably some small number of watches will arrive with issues.  If such a situation arises, we will assist you.  You will package the watch, include our repair form inside the package, and you will send it to us.  If the problem is simple, or non-mechanical, we will fix it for you and send it back to you.  If the problem is a cosmetic flaw, or dead movement, we will exchange the watch, or refund you.  We will credit you for return shipping.  You will follow the instructions given to you, and the process will proceed without any issues.  It is actually quite simple.  No, we will not send you a replacement before receiving your return, this is standard global business practice, and just plain common sense.  No, this policy cannot and will not be negotiated.  Again, standard global business practice, and standard bank/credit card policy.

We can categorically state that every single customer who has posted a negative review has in fact failed to return merchandise to us, and has attempted to re-negotiate our clearly stated policies.  Additionally, we can prove this because:

-We retain photographs of every order
-We retain shipping and tracking information for every order
-We retain all customer emails containing threats/attempts at fraud

What about good feedback?

Anyone can write a review online.  Plenty of sellers pay SEO companies to write good reviews and take down bad reviews.  If we were inclined to do so, we could write our own reviews.  We will refrain from posting or soliciting reviews on cartel watch forums and other websites.  But if you are really feeling on-edge, here are a few email screen shots of emails from regular customers.  We regularly receive discreet feedback from customers via email, there are hundreds and probably even thousands of such emails:


Happy Customer

Happy Customer

Happy Customer
Happy Customer Happy Customer Happy Customer
Happy Customer Happy Customer Happy Customer
Happy Customer Happy Customer Happy Customer
Happy Customer Happy Customer Happy Customer
Happy Customer Happy Customer Happy Customer
Happy Customer Happy Customer Happy Customer



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